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Important Information About Our Products
"We are a small but dependable, established supplier since 1974. Our products are durable, different and available at
competitive prices.We carry quality lawler foundry castings & artistic forgings. Our main goal is to provide quality castings
and forgings at affordable prices to increase your profits and to keep labor cost down.”
1.) Iron Casting:
The casting should be cleaned of all foreign substances. A mere rust colored oxidation, unlike a scale rust, can be primed right over
it. Prime the coat with any oil based metal paint containing alkyds or phenolic substance.
2.) Iron & Aluminum Casting:
These are cast from the same impression. You have a sure size and configuration to work with. Some items are thin and brittle,
while others are thick and substantial. They should not be used as a structural member or exposed to rigerous usage by the general
Iron is double faced unless otherwise specified:)
A.) Double Faced (D.F.)
- The same on both sides
B.) Single Faced (S.F.)
- Flat on back side with little or no detail
C.) Side Back Out (S.B.O.)
- Concave on backside with no detail
3.) Steel Forgings:
Wrought mild steel allowing malleability and ease in fabricating steel to steel. It can be painted in the same manner as iron casting,
or, if you prefer to leave the forging in there natural state, coat them with a clear acrylic or polyurethane coating. Because of the
nature of forged metals, some sizes may vary, either in width or height. For the best results, we recommend that you do not
assemble your work until you receive all of your order.
4.) Regency Railing:
The regency railing line of forged panels is unique and versatile.When combined with Orleans Ornamental Iron balusters and
handrails designs can be created from stock components to rival custom installations. All panels are supplied with a black primer.
Some sizes may vary, either in width or height. For the best results, we recommend that you do not assemble your work until you
receive all of your order.(Note: items not in stock will be drop shipped freight collect from Dallas,Tx.75207)
5.) Minium Orders:
No minimum order is required except on custom made steel forgings, doors, fence & gate panels
6.) Placing Orders:
All phone orders will be read back to you, to verify the correctness of the order. However, our responsibility ceases upon your
verbal consent.* cast iron is shipped unless otherwise specified *
7.) Shipping:
All orders are shipped (FOB) from our branch, Freight collect via UPS Or Common Carrier
8.) Shipping Time:
Stocked Items
- shipped same day or next day when the order is placed.
Non Stocked Items
- shipped 10-14 working days when the order is placed, unless otherwise specified.
Orleans Ornamental Iron & Casting Distributors, Inc.
TEL: (504) 945-4466 FAX: (504) 947-4363 TOLL: (800)824-3608
(Mailing Address)
P.O.Box 3327
New Orleans, LA 70177-3327
(Shipping Address)
2860 Arts Sreet
New Orleans, LA 70122
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